Don't dread getting

called on in class.


While “it depends” is an appropriate answer in many legal contexts, that can’t be your go-to answer when you’re called on in class.

Someday soon, you are going to have to give a substantive, confident answer to a question posed by your professor. The best way to think on your feet is to do the legwork ahead of time.

You want to show up prepared and ready to tackle any questions that come your way.


Be Ready

Reading Cases like a Rock Star


Learn about cases, their central role in your law-school experience, and how to read them to survive a Socratic assault and conquer your exams.

Get Briefed

Briefing Cases Efficiently


Put the worry aside with these tips for how to handle cold calling.

Stay Focused

Using Class Time Effectively


Learn to use class time to clear up confusion, fill the gaps in your case briefs, and hone the skills you’ll need to ace your exams.

Don't Forget

Pay attention

Don’t stop listening in class just because you don’t think you are going to be called on. Pay attention to the questions the professor is asking, because they will most likely start to follow a pattern. Watch for that same pattern on your exam.



Reading every case isn’t going to totally prepare you for class, nor exams. You have to engage with the material. Look at hypotheticals, ask questions and use variations of the facts in the casebook to test out how you would apply the law in practice.


Do you know your legal stuff?

Do you know when a federal court has subject matter jurisdiction over a non-class action case? If you do, you are a litigation rockstar.

When you are called on, don’t panic.
You've put in the work, so breathe deep and tap into your inner gunner.

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