Memo Writing

Master Your Closed Memo with Westlaw

Helpful Tools for a Closed Universe



Step #1: Retrieve Your Sources

You've been given a group of documents from your professor. Lots of pages. Lots of can be overwhelming! Learn how to quickly bring your universe into Westlaw in a few minutes so you can use all our tools to make it easier to navigate. Watch the quick video, then try it yourself and make your life way easier!



Step #2: Understand Your Universe

  • Use Your Tools
  • Attorney-Written Summaries
  • Print.Deliver.Email

Save your highlighter ink!


Add notes and highlights to your cases on Westlaw.

Time Saving TipAdd notes to your cases to highlight relevant parts of a case or rules of law that may help you with your argument

Stumped on a Word?

Remember you have full and free access to Black's Law Dictionary

Easy to Understand Summaries Written by Actual Attorneys? Yes, please!


Headnotes are summaries of specific points of law addressed in a particular case, drafted by Westlaw Attorney Editors to ensure that topics include relevant cases even where those cases may use atypical language. Applicable headnotes are always listed at the top of a case, and provide a good .


TIP: Look for “rules” in the cases that have been given to you. These type of headnotes can really help you in setting-up your memo. 


Print. Email. E-Reader. You have a lot of delivery options.

Once you have your launching pad for your research, leverage Westlaw features to easily expand your research.

Stumped on a Word?

Remember you have full and free access to Black's Law Dictionary



Step #3: Build Your Memo


On average, lawyers spend 2 hours/page on memos, but that takes practice!

Consider these tips to help you work smart and save time.

Copy with Reference

Select some text to copy and paste citations in Bluebook or ALWD format with the click of a button

Folders as Your Outline

Organize and manage your research by storing documents and snippets of text in folders that are easily accessible

Use Your Research Report

Use Research Report to download or send a summary of the research, notes, and annotations in your folder.

Step #4: Finishing touches

Step #4 | Finishing Touches


Don't lose easy points on misquotes!

Quick Check will check your memo for any misquoted sentences or phrases. Then you can correct them and score the easy points!


Get the 411 on how Quick Check can be your final memo check



Want a full Closed Memo Training

Lots of Options. Attend a webinar or watch on-demand. 

Attend a Webinar 

A live webinar hosted by one of our Academic Account Managers will get you 100% prepared for your closed memo. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions during the event.

Watch the Full Training On-Demand

Watch a recorded closed memo session hosted by Shawn Lopez, Esq.