Succeed in Law School as a Neurodivergent Student

Hailey Hillsman
Hailey Hillsman
Academic Account Manager


You possess strengths and advantages that are different from your neurotypical peers.

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Be the best advocate for your brain in law school.

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Seeking accommodations?

Below is a list of some of the accommodations you can discuss with Disability Services to see if they may be a good fit for you.

Extended Time on Assignments and Exams

A lot of anxiety for neurodiverse students stems from not being able to finish tasks in the same amount of time as our peers. Extended time can ease that anxiety, allow you the time needed to process information, and produce the quality of work you are capable of. Be sure to always communicate with your professor if you need extended time on a class assignment.

Note Taker

Most schools hire students each semester to act as note takers for students needing that accommodation. If you struggle to take good notes in class or absorb information better when you can solely focus on your professor, asking for a note taker can be a great way to supplement your learning.

Alternative Testing Locations

If you struggle with sensory issues or struggle to focus in environments with random sounds, your school may be able to provide an alternative testing location for you during exams to ensure that you can stay focused on the task at hand.

Alternate Waypoints

Because large tasks such as writing a memo or brief can be overwhelming for neurodiverse students, having an accommodation where your professors or another school staff can help you create expanded timelines with “sub” deadlines for an assignment can be helpful to ensure that you can successfully complete the assignment. Having work check-ins will serve as an accountability tool to make sure you are on track with your assignments.

Occupational Therapy

While this may not be a service that your school can provide directly, having your school connect you to an occupational therapist to help you throughout law school can be a great tool. An occupational therapist can assist you with learning strategies, time management, prioritizing skills, and self-care.


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Use these strategies to make your time in law school manageable.

Your brain is unique.
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