Faculty Newsletter:

May 2022-Your Feedback in Action

Thank you for a great year of partnership. 

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Where Feedback is Taking Us 

Bluebook and ALWD Guided Exercises

A big request fulfilled. Crafted by Professors and Librarians at Top 50 Law Schools. These will be complete with editable word versions and PDF versions for students. Additionally, you will be able to add them to any on-demand learning class you create. 

Exclusive Write.Law 1L Track 

We've partnered with Joe Regalia and his team at to build a fast training track for first-semester 1L students. Focused on skills  students need beyond research. Writing, citations, note-taking, client interviews, and more. 

Playlist View for On-Demand Classes

In law school, it’s never too early to study. The sooner you begin studying case briefs and your class notes, the quicker you’ll start to understand the law. As you build your class outlines, remember that developing condensed versions of your outlines will help you process the information.

Bi-Weekly National Webinar Series

An Account Manager led national webinar series highlighting timely 1L training needs ranging from class prep to memo ready. Complete with a fully linked calendar ready to join any syllabi.

New This year 

Teaching Materials

Ready-to-Use Westlaw Training Deck

Westlaw Training for Writing Assignment Basics

Thought Leadership

Write.Law Content on the Knowledge Center:

Legal technology upskilling to bridge the gaps in legal curriculum

Academic Podcasts, Forums, and Articles from the Thomson Reuters Institute

Stay up-to-date on law school trends and learn from other schools and faculty members

Academic Podcasts, Forums, and Articles from the Thomson Reuters Institute

Product Webinars

Westlaw Edge Webinars

Practical Law Webinars

Perspectives- Teaching Legal Research and Writing

Perspectives - Teaching Legal Research and Writing

Vol. 29 | No. 1 | Spring 2021

Perspectives Live Author Event

A Conversation with Rachel Croskery-Roberts and Ezra Ross 


Additional Resources and Support