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Enhance the classroom experience for your students with curated content from Westlaw's On-Demand Learning. You can now assign a dedicated LRW certification, covering legal research basics and analysis frameworks. Use this as an introduction or quick review for any law student.

Students look to you for guidance to master citation skills. Utilize one of our Citation Exercises, including the new federal option, to help your students practice the mechanics of legal citation.

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Each Covering Six Core Topics.



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Leveraging Student Research for Social Justice

Friday, February 23rd

Join us to explore the benefits and mechanics of incorporating "real world" social justice-oriented legal research projects into the LRW classroom. Hear inspiring success stories from legal educators who have worked with outside partners in the local legal community to create objective memo assignments on legal issues where "real" research is actually needed, often on both the law and the facts. These assignments can expand student skills in not only research, writing, and analysis, but also fact development and professional identity formation.

Perspectives- Teaching Legal Research and Writing