Spring 2024

Webinar Schedule

Training sessions hosted by research experts.

Summer Success with Westlaw

Friday, April 5th

Join us to achieve success this summer. You've been using Westlaw during your law school career, but how do you use those skills for practice? Hear from our product experts on the real-life challenges you will encounter this summer. There will be an opportunity to ask questions to solidify your knowledge, ensuring you walk into your summer associate role prepared with a suite of new skills.

Practical Law: An entire law firm at your fingertips

Friday, April 12th

Join us to prepare for your summer placement by learning how to harness the power of Practical Law. This tool from Thomson Reuters can get you up to speed on any legal issue, so you understand what’s important, why it's important, and how to proceed.

AI & Legal Ethics: Practical Implications for Summer Practice

Friday, April 19th

Join us to learn how to harness the power of generative AI in your summer position and your future legal career.

We will explore the following.

  1. The historical context of AI in the legal profession
  2. Strategies to distinguish responsible and irresponsible uses of AI
  3. Practical and trustworthy applications of generative AI, including legal research, document review, and contract analysis
  4. Applying legal ethics requirements to generative AI