Spring 2023

Webinar Schedule

Training sessions hosted by research experts.

Research is Changing: What You Need to Know About Westlaw Precision

Thursday, January 12th

Westlaw Precision is here. Learn how it is a game-changer for you and your legal research:

  • Simplify your searches and get answers to your research questions faster with Precision Searching
  • Know the precise reason why a case was overruled with the red-striped KeyCite flag
  • Uncover hidden connections between cases and get the drop on circuit splits with KeyCite Cited With
  • Avoid research déjà vu during marathon sessions with keep list/hide results.
  • And, more!

Get Answers: Upping Your Research Game With Precision Searches

Wednesday, January 18th

Got research questions? Precision Searching has what you need to up your game:

  • Craft complex searches combining procedural issues (motions) with causes of action in just a few clicks
  • Zero in on specific material facts, parties, and outcomes with Precision Filters
  • Avoid drowning in search results and find answers with the Browse Box
  • When you have a case you love, expand your research quickly with More Like This
  • And, more!

Westlaw Your Way – Customize Your Westlaw Experience With These 5 Essentials

Wednesday, February 1st

Creating a Zen environment can have a powerful effect on your mindset and productivity. Join us and see how a clean, clutter-free research experience will help to reduce distractions and increase focus in your legal research workflow.

  1. Home Page Harmony
  2. Outstanding Outline Builder
  3. Better Browsing
  4. Supreme Search Results with Keep List/Hide Details
  5. Reimagined Road Map with Graphical History

How to Build the Best Legal Documents on Westlaw Precision

Wednesday, February 15th

Are you about to start on a trial brief, appellate brief, open memo, client letter, motion, or any type of legal document writing project this semester?

Learn about the tools we have you to help you find writing tips, shortcuts, organizational tools, and the best legal information to get started.

Finish strong! How to finish your brief or memo with confidence

Wednesday, March 1st

You put in hours of research and analysis to craft your best brief. Now for the finishing touches. In this twenty minute webinar we'll explore how to ensure you have not missed any cases. Plus, as a bonus, we will introduce you to table of authorities builder.

Beyond Black Letter Law

Wednesday, March 15th

Ready to go beyond using Westlaw Precision in law school? Join us for a brief introduction to Practical Law and learn how to use Westlaw Precision in a law firm (or corporate environment)! You'll learn how to find practice notes, checklists and sample documents to help you in your legal practice.