Fall 2023

Webinar Schedule

Training sessions hosted by research experts.

Conquer Cold Calling

Friday, September 1st

Your first cold call can be daunting. Show up prepared to conquer that cold call with Westlaw. Join us for this 20-minute webinar, and you will get a roadmap to success in law school.

  1. Ditch those physical copies of codebooks. Westlaw has all you need for FREE!
  2. Break down and better comprehend cases using Westlaw's editorial enhancements.
  3. Organize and outline for class using Westlaw's Outline Builder.

Mindfulness: An Introduction to Approaching Change and Anxiety

Thursday, September 14th

Law school, relationships, life - we all go through change. Having mindfulness tools will help you better manage the stress and anxiety that comes with law school. Join us and our special guest, Headspace, to learn how to identify stress tied to life's fluctuations and how to handle it through meditation.

Success in Legal Research and Writing

Friday, September 22nd

Get tips and helpful hints from actual LRW professors on the ins and outs of Legal Research and Writing classes that will help you stay ahead of the pack in this crucial foundational webinar.

Simplify Your Closed Memo

Friday, September 29th

Your professor just handed out your first memo assignment ever. Your anxiety sets in as you thumb through pages and pages of cases and statutes. Where do you even begin? Join us for this 20-minute webinar and kick that anxiety to the curb.

  1. Retrieve and organize your file of sources.
  2. Understand your issues and elements with West Headnotes.
  3. Start writing your memo using Westlaw features- Copy with Referernce, Outline Builder, and folders.

Elevate Your Open Memo

Friday, October 13th

Feel like you’re climbing but getting nowhere with your open memo? Take your assignment to the top of the mountain with this 20-min session on Westlaw exclusives!

  1. Understand your issues before jumping into primary law with Secondary Sources.
  2. Browse specific topics and connect to other relevant legal concepts without diving into a results list with Key Numbers, Westlaw's legal hashtag system.
  3. Confirm the validity of your sources while discovering competiting arguments and identifying related cases with Keycite, the industry's most trusted citation service.

Building Lasting Connections through Networking

Friday, October 27th

Join us for an engaging and informative webinar on the art of networking and how to build lasting connections. In today's interconnected world, the ability to establish and maintain meaningful relationships is crucial for personal and professional success. Our experts will show you how to maximize your potential.

Writing a Standout Final Exam

Friday, November 17th

Whether you’re new to law school exams or looking to sharpen your exam-taking skills, this webinar will provide helpful strategies for crafting a standout final-exam essay. Learn how to incorporate practice essays into your study routine to become ready to write on exam day. We’ll work through examples to highlight effective strategies for spotting issues, organizing your response, and managing your time.