Fall 2022

Webinar Schedule

Bi-weekly webinars hosted by research experts.

Outlining for Class Using Westlaw

Thursday, August 25th

You have registered for Westlaw. Now what? Join us for this 20 minute national webinar and learn how to use the tools on Westlaw to help you prep and outline for class. Learn how to find sources for guidance and how to save and organize those sources and key documents.

Westlaw 101

Thursday, September 8th

An introduction to Westlaw and the building blocks of legal research. Learn how to create searches based on key terms and refine your search results, utilize Secondary Sources, leverage annotations in cases and statutes to expand your research and validate your cited authority using KeyCite.

Thriving in a Closed Universe

Thursday, September 22nd

In this brief training we'll show you how to use Westlaw Edge to master your closed-universe legal research assignment! We'll show you how to use WestSearch Plus to answer legal research questions; use Headnotes to understand the law and; use Folders to keep everything organized.

Mastering Your Open Memo

Thursday, October 6th

Feeling overwhelmed with your first open memo assignment? Join this quick 20 minute Westlaw webinar where we'll provide you tips and strategies on how to quickly find relevant cases and statutes for your assignment using KeyCite Flags, Key Number System and Citing References! Attendees will be eligible for prizes during this webinar.

Legal Movies and TV Trivia

Thursday, October 20th

Compete with students across the country in this quick legal movies and TV trivia session.

Top 3 Things You Missed on Westlaw

Thursday, November 3rd

There's a lot to learn from Westlaw Edge about legal research. Be prepared for your next big legal research assignment and make sure you know all about organizing your research (Folders), being more efficient (Custom Pages) and writing better (Write.Law). We'll briefly discuss these topics to ensure that you'll ace your next legal research assignment!