Are you ready for OCI?

Be prepared with Litigation Analytics.

What area of law are you passionate about?

Searching by case type within Litigation Analytics is a fantastic way to discover different types of professional practices that might interest you.

  1. Type in your desired area of law
  2. Click on Case Types
  3. Select your area of law or NOS, nature of suit

Need some inspiration on case types?
Go here and click on Choose NOS Code Selections

Do you have a lay of the land?

The Overview screen provides you a quick review of the top dockets, participants, motions and outcomes for your practice area.

  1. Scroll down to U.S. District Court Outcomes (Civil)
  2. Click on Explore Outcomes

Check out an example in Litigation Analytics

Where do you want to practice?

You can see how little or how much litigation takes place wherever you aspire to be.

  1. Click on the Courts Tab
  2. Click on your desired court to filter
  3. Not seeing your desired court? Click on the Court filter on the left side of the screen

Check out an example in Litigation Analytics

What are the leading firms in your area?

From national firms to boutiques to solo practices, you'll see the key players.

  1. Click on the Participants tab
  2. Click on Firms
  3. Select the top law firm
  4. Not seeing a firm you like? Click on the Law Firm filter on the left side of the screen

Check out an example in Litigation Analytics

What do you know about your interviewer?

Knowing your interviewer's background and caseload can be a big help.

  1. Click on Attorneys
  2. Select the attorney of your choice
  3. Click on Parties to see their top clients
  4. Click on Roles to see whether they typically represent plaintiffs or defendants
  5. Click on the Outcomes tab to see case resolutions
  6. Click on the Year tab to see their case load

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