Fall 2023

Faculty Webinar Series

Engaging discussions for professors and librarians.

Unveiling the Unpublished: A Conversation with Author Sarah E. Ricks on Teaching Non-Precedential Federal Appellate Opinions

Friday, July 28th

Step into the world of legal education as we dive into the intricacies of teaching non-precedential federal appellate opinions to law students. Join us for an exclusive interview-style conversation with the esteemed author of the groundbreaking article, "Law Schools Should Teach Non-Precedential Federal Appellate Opinions."

Empowering Neurodiverse Minds: Creating an Inclusive Law School Classroom

Friday, August 18th

Join us for an expert-led webinar that explores innovative strategies and best practices for fostering inclusivity in law school classrooms, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of neurodiverse students.

Let's work towards creating a legal education environment that values neurodiversity, embraces inclusive teaching practices, and empowers all students to reach their full potential!

More than the Memo: Integrating Client-Facing Simulations in LRW

Friday, September 15th

Join legal educators who have successfully incorporated client interviewing and counseling into 1L LRW. Explore the benefits of doing this, no only to help prepare students for the NextGen bar exam, but also to set your core writing assignments in context and foster student growth in building a professional identity, cultural competence, and strategic fact development skills, It is never too early to introduce create problem-solving as a critical component of lawyering! We will also explore strategies for planning and executing these simulations.

Legal Writing Success: LRW Faculty & Library Partnerships

Friday, October 20th

Join your colleagues who have forged connections between the LRW department and library, resulting in the development of a comprehensive research and writing curriculum for first-year law students. Our panel of experts will unveil the blueprint behind their programs’ successes and challenges, offering insights into program structure, lessons learned from past experiences, and invaluable best practices at their institutions. Prepare your questions, as this session promises an engaging open dialogue for all participants.

Leveraging Student Research for Social Justice

Friday, December 1st

Join us to explore the benefits and mechanics of incorporating "real world" social justice-oriented legal research projects into the LRW classroom. Hear inspiring success stories from legal educators who have worked with outside partners in the local legal community to create objective memo assignments on legal issues where "real" research is actually needed, often on both the law and the facts. These assignments can expand student skills in not only research, writing, and analysis, but also fact development and professional identity formation.