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With Thomson Reuters Research Certifications

Foundations of Legal Research Certification

Understand the legal system and how to put a research plan into action.

  • An overview of the legal system, precedent and types of authority
  • Build effective research plans
  • Identify gaps in legal knowledge and overcome them
  • Construct legal arguments utilizing different types of legal authority

Essential Legal Research Certification

An introduction to Westlaw and the essential elements of legal research.

  • Create searches based on key terms and refine your search results
  • Utilize Secondary Sources
  • Learn the anatomy of cases and statutes
  • Employ annotations in cases and statutes to expand your research
  • Validate your cited authority using KeyCite

Advanced Legal Research Certification

Increase the depth, breadth and quality of your research.

  • Construct Terms & Connectors searches
  • Employ annotations in cases and statutes to expand research
  • Leverage the statutory indices and tables of contents
  • Research regulations and when to use them
  • Perform Legislative History research

Transactional Law Certification

An overview of the key tools used to construct and review agreements.

  • Locate checklists to aid in contract drafting
  • Find and adapt real-world examples of agreements
  • Leverage practitioner insight tools
  • Employ contract drafting tools, such as Deal Proof

Litigation Research Certification

Procedures and process to create professional motions and pleadings.

  • Formulate a litigation strategy
  • Employ sample documents to improve the drafting process
  • Utilize practitioner resources to enhance litigation comprehension

Prepare to Practice Certification

Preparing to practice goes beyond legal research.

  • Understand the business of law, and the role research plays
  • Utilize different methods of billing and tracking time
  • Employ practice tools to avoid conflicts and missed deadlines
  • Research both time-efficiently and cost-effectively